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How To Do Facebook Live Screen Share?

Facebook provides a way that enables you to do Facebook Live screen share right from within the comfort of your own Desktop-based Chrome Browser. This feature is native to Facebook and does not require you to install any 3rd party software to do Facebook Live screen share. Facebook has just enabled this feature couple of months back, until then you would have to use 3rd party tools to do your Facebook Live screen share but now this feature is built-in for Facebook. Now, without doing any complex 3rd-party software installation or configuration you can just get started.

At this point, the Facebook Live screen share feature is only available on the Desktop using Google Chrome Browser and it is not yet supported by the Mobile app.

Follow the below 3 steps to do Facebook Live Screen Share Using Facebook Live Producer:

  1. Go to Live Producer
  2. In the Get started menu, choose Use camera.!Click on Use Camera
  3. In the Setup menu, choose Start screen share. In the window that appears, select the content you would like to share.Click on Start Screen Share
  4. Select the screen in the "Entire Screen" tab and click on the Share button below. Also, here you can customize what exactly you want to share with your Facebook Live video. You can choose one of the below tabs based on what you want to share.
  • Entire Screen: This is the default tab. Choose this if you want to share your entire screen for Facebook Live screen share. This will share your entire Desktop and not just any particular windows.
  • Window: Choose this tab if you don't share your entire screen but just a particular Window, Software, or App that you want to present on your Facebook Live. This will only make that particular window visible to your viewers. Anything you do outside this window will not be shown.
  • Chrome Tab: Choose this tab if you want to share a particular tab for your Chrome Browser. This will present the Chrome Browser tab that you choose and will prevent your viewers from seeing the things that you do outside this tab. Choose window to share
  1. Click Go Live.
  2. Click Stop Sharing Screen to stop sharing your screen.

That's all you have to do for a Facebook Live screen share! How simple is that, isn't it?. This is, as always Facebook's cool feature helping Influencers, Businesses, Public Figures, and Content Creators with their much-awaited feature to do Facebook Live screen share in a simple, no-brainer best way possible.

Doing Facebook Live screen share from your Facebook Pages or Groups is the same you do from your profile. Just

Keep in mind that when you’re doing Facebook Live, you will see the ‘End Screen Share’ option at the bottom of your screen all the time. If you click it, the entire broadcast will be stopped and not just the screen sharing! so please keep this thing in mind while you are doing your Facebook Live screen share.

Facebook Live screen share is very important for Individuals & Businesses to present tutorials, analytical data, slideshows, and gaming, and much more to present your screen to your Facebook Live video audience.

When you're doing Facebook live with your viewers, screen sharing helps you to present a clear picture about everything and connect with your viewers which makes an influential impact on them.

Either you are giving a presentation to your audience, showing something about how to do a particular thing on Photoshop, shows your PPT slides that you have prepared, doing a Facebook Live Game streaming you need to do screen share while you're on Facebook Live. Facebook Live screen share is the feature that everybody needs.

Before, if you want to do a Facebook Live screen share then you had to use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) software. It was a bit of a tedious task. Now Facebook is slashing out the middle man with this feature, allowing users to do Facebook Live screen share directly from the place where you go Live.

Facebook Live screen share lacks some of the features that are supported by OBS like placing a Live video of yourself in the corner for your Facebook Live video and so on... However, it is a nice step forward by Facebook. Facebook is indeed understanding its content creators' needs and taking steps forward as always.

That's it. Hope you liked this and were able to do Facebook Live screen share.

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