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6 Tips To Get More Views On Facebook Live Video

Facebook Live is a Goldmine for organic reach. It's really no secret, Facebook Live is no doubt a very powerful tool to get your message out there in front of your audience. Facebook absolutely loves Facebook Live videos. The more your go Live on Facebook the more Facebook will help you reach more people on Facebook organically.

Here are 6 tips to get more views on Facebook Live video. The last one is fire!🔥 make sure you read till the end. These tips have bought us more views than any other strategy or tips we have used. Let's see all of them one by one.

  1. Scheduled And Promote Your Facebook Live video

    Scheduled and Promote your Facebook Live video.

    Do you know that you can schedule your Live videos before you actually go Live? Yes! you can do that in for Facebook Live videos. Click here to see how to schedule Live videos on Facebook to learn more about it. Make sure you create content that predefined what content/topic you are going to cover in your Facebook Live Video. Make an engaging Image that grabs the attention of people who are already engaged with your brand.

    Once you have scheduled your Live video on Facebook, people who are already engaged with your or your brand/business will be notified about this. This helps your audience to be prepared for your Facebook Live.

    You can also email or SMS your list (if you already have one) the link of your scheduled Facebook Live video with a clear message about what they should expect from your Facebook Live. You can also run paid ads to this scheduled Facebook Live post to reach beyond your existing audience. This is by far the best tip we use to get more views on Facebook Live video.

  2. Reward Your Viewers

    Reward Your Viewers

    Reward your viewers to take action! This strategy really works to help you reach more audiences. Ask your viewers to comment on your Live video, share/like your video in return for anything of value you can give, maybe a Free trial for your service/product your offer, or money.

    You may have seen many public figures use this strategy. One of which is Tai Lopez and here is his Facebook Page. He gives away money $20, $80, $100, $300... to his Facebook Live viewers who engage with him during his Facebook Live. You can see such posts throughout his Facebook Page and also he posts comments about this as well which is pinned to the top.

    This really helps boost your organic reach. The Facebook algorithm thinks that this content gets more engagement than others and assumes that this is content of value, thereby helping you reach even more audiences beyond your normal reach. This helps you get more views on Facebook Live video organically with the help of your super fan audiences.

  3. Keep Your Facebook Live Broadcast Long Enough

    Keep your Facebook Live Broadcast long enough

    For pre-recorded videos shortness is the key because nowadays attention span of users is really low so usually you have to grab users' attention in the first 3 seconds. However, this is exactly the opposite of your Facebook Live. Actually, Facebook Live videos generally perform well if there are broadcasted for long enough. These numbers according to our analysis are anywhere between 30 minutes to about an hour and even more if possible.

    Of course, you don’t want to bore your audience by lengthening your content unnecessary. But at the same time, you don’t want to run through all your valuable content in 10 minutes as well. Be prepared about the content and make sure to deliver it on time and in a way your audience naturally tries to participate in your Facebook Live video in any way possible. Try to keep them motivated long enough to get more views on Facebook Live video.

  4. Write A Good & Engaging Description

    Write a good & engaging description

    People just scroll through their feed and are mostly will see your video muted. At this time it is very difficult to convince people to watch your Facebook Live video. Having a very good and engaging description solvers 2 major problems:

    1. Your potential views will know what they should expect from your Facebook Live video.
    2. This clears any confusion that newcomers have about your Facebook Live video.

    We have seen a 60% increase in views just by adding a thorough description to the promotional content, scheduled Facebook Live & Facebook Live videos. Viewers tend to engage with Facebook Live video that has a thorough description and also increases the view duration.

    After your Facebook Live is over you can change the description as necessary for those audiences that check your Facebook Live later once it is over. Add questions that you address during your Facebook Live or tease about something they will get from it, add links to proper resources that help them. Make sure your audiences are taken care of in any way possible to get more views on Facebook Live video.

  5. Tease Your Facebook Live Video Viewers With Results At Beginning

    Tease your Facebook Live video viewers with results at the start.

    At the start of your Facebook Live video whenever possible try to tease your audience with the results that should expect after you have completely watched your Facebook Live. This helps you build up the confidence in your viewers and they tend to stick to your Facebook Live video till the end.

    Once the views know they will get out from your Facebook Live keeps them engaged with you from start to the end. The main thing here is to keep your views excited and motivated with quality content. This boosts your video view time and helps your get more views on Facebook Live video.

  6. Use Omnichannel Approach With MojoXstream

    Use Omnichannel approach with Mojoxstream

    Leverage omnichannel approach for your Facebook Live videos growth. Share your Facebook Live video across multiple platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, other Facebook Groups & Pages, Email lists, SMS lists, WhatsApp numbers lists, and so on. You can simply automate this using MojoXstream.

    Mojoxstream is a Growth Hacking tool for Facebook Live video. It helps you to reach more viewers and get more views on Facebook Live video. MojoXstream uses an omnichannel approach to auto-share/notify people in your social reach on autopilot. Whenever you go Live on Facebook Profile, Page, or Group, all the people will be notified as soon as you are Live and they just hop on to watch you on Facebook. You can start your 7-Day FREE trial on MojoXstream today to leverage this simple and 100% effective strategy used by top Influencers, Public Figures & Businesses to get more views on Facebook Live video.

That is it! Try all of them by yourself and get more views on Facebook Live video every time your go Live on Facebook.

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